About 關於我們

Our aim is to achieve your dream and create the vision in your mind. We take this spirit into our design approach, to customize your living space to suit your lifestyle.


我們秉持著實現夢想的信念,將你心中的夢想藍圖,注入立方體專業的設計,建構屬於你的生活空間,將你的夢想實體化 。

Design Director 計總監
David, Lin大胃

Interior Design, is not something as simple as a looking at a 3D rendering. It involves the creative balance of materials, textures, lighting and functional layout to match the daily routines and lifestyle of every client. Our approach is firstly, to get to know every client before any design is proposed. Lifestyles vary, so clear communications with the client about the functionality of the space is crucial before any work on design work can begin. After all,  our job is to design and customize "living" space to fit our client's personal needs.



Lighting、layout、funtionality、graphic design and  corporate identity.


Simplicity、New Classical、Vintage、Comtempertary、Fusion.



擅       長            燈光規劃、格局配置、動線規劃、平面設計、CIS設計等

風       格            簡約、新古典、復古、現代、摩登、融合風

接案金額           80萬以上


Construction Business Director 程公司總監
Peter, Wang 


Construction comes into play once a design has been done. Successful construction projects require a great deal of experience and industry knowledge. Let our seasoned and expert team take care of them. So you can enjoy a hassle-free experience throughout the construction.

Stay in Gold Director 裝公司總監
Terry, Su 

Terry Su specializes in staging luxury properties in both Bangkok and Taipei. Terry has a proven record of accomplishment helping realtors and brokers sell properties for top dollar at lightening speeds.
The secret to Terry’s staging success is offering working on a budget, installing in a matter of days, and being consistently reliable. The combination of dCubic design and StayinGOLD has quickly become a go-to source for top brokers and developers in Bangkok and Taipei. 

Our renovation and design services provide our clients wonderful customized experience.

Terry Su 在泰國曼谷和台灣台北佈置豪華物業有多年經驗,他能有效的控制預算,時限之內安裝交屋以及始終如一。  
dCubic Design與StayinGOLD的結合,已迅速成為曼谷和台北經紀人與開發商的首選來源。


Designer 室內設計師
Designer 設計師助理
Designer 計師
Designer 室內設計師